FCM Bank Donates 10 PC's to the Lino Spiteri Foundation

Thursday 2nd June 2016

The LSF was set up to create dynamic training opportunities for vulnerable groups in Malta & Gozo, and FCM Bank is proud to support this mission.


FCM Bank recently donated 10 computers to the Lino Spiteri Foundation, to help with the training of people with a disability, and to encourage them into the workforce.

The Foundation strives to enhance inclusion and, this year, FCM Bank has chosen to support this initiative and make it part of its ongoing CSR efforts. The Bank endeavours to make contributions that benefit different sectors of society, including those linked to educational, environmental and community projects.

"At FCM Bank we are proud to support the fantastic work of the Lino Spiteri Foundation,” says Mr Vincent Ma, Chief Operating Officer. “Our donation of 10 computers proves how the corporate world can make significant contributions, and we hope that this hardware will enable the Foundation's students to gain valuable skills to enable them to move into permanent work opportunities."

Speaking in response to FCM Bank’s donation, Mr Nathan Farrugia, LSF’s Executive Director, said: “The Foundation aims to create real opportunities for persons with a disability to access gainful employment, and the use of these computers will enable us to provide a space for training in back office administration. In this way, our clients can learn the practical skills that employers need when recruiting people with different abilities. Our motto, 'I AM ABLE', focuses on the abilities that everyone possesses, and through these activities we can unlock that potential.”

Commenting further on the donation, ETC Chairman Clyde Caruana thanked FCM Bank and said: “Corporate support indeed energises us to contribute more.”