FCM Bank Launches Online Banking Services

Wednesday 8th October 2014

State-of-the-art website will give clients access to online services.

Internet Banking

FCM Bank has launched its new online banking, providing customers with a fast, simple and straightforward system to review and manage their accounts at the click of a button.


This platform has been customised for FCM and will be available to all customers of the bank.


“We believe this to be the next step in our evolutional growth,” explains Mr Vincent Ma, Chief Operating Officer of FCM Bank. “24-7 online banking has been developed to help make our customers’ lives much easier and allow them to manage their accounts anytime and anywhere.”


FCM Bank’s new service will enable customers to view and monitor their savings accounts online, and will give them the ability to transfer funds to their linked bank account. The website will also provide a direct communication channel so that customers may send secure and convenient messages straight to the Bank.


“Throughout the development of this portal we have put our customers’ experience first and created a facility that will really be of benefit to them,” continues Mr Ma. “We have thoroughly planned and tested the system over several months to ensure that it is safe, efficient, user-friendly and as straight-forward as possible.”


“At FCM Bank we are continuously improving the bank’s services and technologies to help our customers save more and improve their experience. This is only the start of our technology programme, and there is much more to come.” he concludes.