The FCM Journey Continues

Monday 26 May 2014

FCM Bank have just added an iconic symbol to their logo and launched a new website with direct input by their own customers.


FCM are proudly embracing an icon which is directly tied to Malta. The watch-tower (Torri) which can be seen so prominently on the island’s coast was the inspiration behind FCM’s new look.


Just as the watch-tower symbolises strength and security, FCM protect, safeguard and watch over customer savings to help achieve their goals. Beyond the branding FCM have also opted for a fresh and modern website that is easy to use, intuitive and flexible. It is also easy to navigate, regardless of the device used.


Some of the key website enhancements are the new convenient online application and new webpage content. There are also innovative and proactive guides to help customers, and potential customers, save and make their money work harder.


FCM customers have also contributed to the website by sharing what they think about the Bank. FCM have worked hard to ensure that a simple and straight-talking approach is reflected in their newly-developed website. The bank is different because it communicates with customers in a straightforward language that everyone follows. This is why FCM have become known as  ‘the clear and straight-talking savings bank’.


FCM continue to offer simple, straightforward and good-value savings products whilst focusing on providing customers with the best service possible.


FCM Bank’s goal is to empower customers to keep saving and make their money work harder than ever before.