Senior Team

John Soler


John has more than 40 years’ experience in retail banking after holding several senior positions with BOV plc. He led the bank’s operations for over a decade before being appointed to the senior management team as Chief Officer Credit, with responsibility for BOV’s lending portfolio, including consumer lending, business lending, and mortgages. At BOV, John was also responsible for card business and trade finance.


Ron Huggett

Chief Executive Officer & Director


Ron Huggett retired from the Royal Bank of Scotland in July 2009 after 36 years with the bank. He started his career in the bank’s Finance Department and after 8 years moved to Corporate and Strategic Planning. In 1984 Ron moved into Treasury where he was responsible for trading Eurobonds and Government Securities. Ron became a member of the RBS’s executive team in 1998 and was responsible for raising the funding for the successful takeover of NatWest Bank in March 2000.

Ron was Deputy Group Treasurer when he retired from RBS. Since his retirement Ron has continued to work as a consultant in the Treasury area. Ron joined the Board of FCM Bank in July 2012 and became CEO in June 2014.


Tony Mahoney



Tony Mahoney spent 27 years at HSBC Group culminating in 5 years as the Group General Manager and Head of UK Network of 1600 branches, 130 commercial centres, as well as chairing HSBC Life UK Ltd. He also served as a Deputy CEO of HSBC Continental Europe based in Paris, in which he was responsible for 18 countries, including Malta. Tony has deep links with Malta, dating back to 1997 when he became CEO of Midland Bank Malta, COO of HSBC Bank Malta plc, and subsequently Executive Director of HSBC Malta plc between 2008 and 2010.


In 2011, Tony joined Oman’s third largest company, Bank Dhofar, where he was appointed CEO and successfully led the bank to become recognised as Best Bank in Oman before leaving the Sultanate in November 2013. Since then he has been based in Malta advising a number of companies and family offices globally.

Petr Cumba

Non-executive director

Petr Cumba became a Member of the Board of Directors in November 2017. Petr has been working for SAB Finance since 2013, where he first started working in the credit institution Moravský pene┼żní ústav in the position of CFO and as a member of Top Management Commitee, subsequently member of a team responsible for a transformation of the institution to a bank. He is currently a member of the Audit Committee and Supervisory Board, which performs the role of Risk Management Committee and Remuneration Committee. Petr is also a member of the Board of Directors and is a General Manager in SAB Finance.


Before joining SAB Group he worked as both CFO and CEO positions within the KKCG Group and it´s multinational Oil &Gas Division. Throughout his 15 years there, Petr participated in an international development of the group and was responsible for risk management, reporting to the state regulatory authority, representing the company in a professional association and managing different activities relating to finance and risk.

Dusan Benda


Mr Benda developed his career as an Auditor for EY in the Slovak Republic and New Zealand and as audit manager he was responsible for a number of audits and advisory projects for major banks and financial institutions. His competence is in the area of overall management, banking products, finance, accounting, compliance, corporate governance, internal and external audit.

In 2010 Mr Benda joined SAB Group, starting at MPU where he took over as head of Compliance and Regulatory reporting, become member of Top management committee responsible for Division Governance and was also a director within the supervisory board of MPU. In 2017 he became Chairman of SAB Finance a.s. and became also responsible for international business development of the SAB Group. Mr Benda is a fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Ondrej Korecky

Chief Financial Officer & Director

Ondrej spent over 7 years working as an Auditor with EY Czech Republic and New Zealand. During his audit career, he developed strong knowledge of IFRS and project management skills. As an assistant manager, he was responsible for leading a number of audits and other projects for a broad portfolio of clients from various industries with a focus on the financial sector.

Ondrej joined SAB Group in 2016 and acted as group Head of Compliance covering the overall compliance in a regulated credit and payment institution. He also participated on the group’s international business development. Ondrej is a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and has successfully completed the ICA International Advanced Certificate in Compliance. 

Joann Mifsud

Head of Operations


Joann manages the day-to-day operations of the Bank, ensuring that the highest standards are achieved. She is responsible for the continous improvement and development of operational platforms of the bank to maximise resources, technology and systems to provide added customer value.

Joann has over 20 years of global banking experience in key leadership roles at HSBC and Mediterranean Bank plc with projects, customer service and operational engineering.  Joann is a Henley Management College MBA graduate and has successfuly completed an MSc in Lean Systems with Cardiff University.